Ja Rule
Ja Rule
Genres: RAP/R&B
Aliases: Loki


Updated: 04-23-2014

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Mesmerize Ringtone BUY
Put It On Me Ringtone BUY
Always On Time Ringtone BUY
Down A-- B--ch Ringtone BUY
Between Me and You Ringtone BUY
Mafia Music (Remix) Ringtone BUY
I Cry Ringtone BUY
Uh-Ohhh!! (Lil Wayne Verse) Ringtone BUY
New York Ringtone BUY
Ain't It Funny Ringtone BUY
Wonderful Ringtone BUY
Body Ringtone BUY
Livin It Up Ringtone BUY
Caught Up Ringtone BUY
Clap Back Ringtone BUY
It's Murda Ringtone BUY
What Up Baby Girl Ringtone BUY
Exodus (Intro) Ringtone BUY
Holla Holla Ringtone BUY
What Happening Girl - Leaking Through Your Speakers Ringtone BUY
ATL Tales - Ride Wit Me Ringtone BUY
Pickup The Phone - I'm From NYC Ringtone BUY
Pickup The Phone - Caller On Line 1 Playboy Ringtone BUY
Uh-Ohhh!! Ringtone BUY
Clubs Poppin' Tonight Ringtone BUY
If You A Pimp Pickup The Phone Ringtone BUY
Pickup The Phone - You Know How We Do It Ringtone BUY
God Rule On Aka Black Dove Line 1 Ringtone BUY
Pickup The Phone - It's the GOD RULE Ringtone BUY
Pickup The Phone - Live From The 212 Ringtone BUY
Pickup The Phone - Its Murder It's The God Ringtone BUY

About Ja Rule

He attended Junior High School in Floral Park, New York, where he met his future wife Aisha Murray and they graduated in 1991. They attended Martin Van Buren High School together but he did not graduate. When Atkins was five years old, his sister died from respiratory problems. Growing up in a strict religious home, Atkin's family did not celebrate birthdays and Christmas, and as a child, was not allowed to listen to rap music. When he first heard it, he decided to be a rapper. He would sneak the music into his house and played it on his CD player when his mother wasn't around. As a youngster Ja's family didn't celebrate Christmas or birthdays. He said that he was able to live without it because he never knew too much about it. His sister would die when he was five, which left him an only child to his mother. Ja Rule said that he used to go to a school in Queens, but transferred to a private school in Manhattan because of bullying due to his small height. During his interview with Louis Farrakahn, he stated that he was the only black student at the school. Ja said that because of that the other kids didn't bother him. At age 15, Atkins appeared with 0-1 and Chris Black as part of Cash Money Click. This would lead to him being signed by TVT Records. He would end up being heard by a young DJ who called himself DJ Irv, then later Irv Gotti. Gotti, was a friend of Jay-Z's and he was also a DJ for Def Jam Recordings. During the mid 90s his main priority was meeting Ja Rule and making him the center of his career. He wanted to sign Ja to his new label Murder Inc. Records. He wanted Ja because of his distinct deep voice. After Irv was able to sign Ja along with DMX and Jay-Z to Def Jam. He along with Russell Simmons beagn to have an idea that they all work together.

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